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Kidsday reporters show off the latest stuff from

Kidsday reporters show off the latest stuff from Foot Locker. From left Kevin Bradley, Johnny Lunetta James Genovese, Juliana Matz, Megan Reese, Jake Gulyansky, Danielle McGuire and Alexandra Cross. Credit: Linda Vaianella

We all love going to Kids Foot Locker to get the latest in sportswear. Here are some of our favorites this year:

Kevin loves the wool hats. He likes them because they are warm and cozy and they also have team names on them.

If you like sporty and designer boots, Alexandra recommends the Nike suede boots. She wrote, “These boots are comfortable. They look good and feel great. They are a beautiful blue suede. They are very sturdy so you can walk in them for a long time. You will be able to play in the snow with them.”

Alexandra recommends the Nike hoodies. She says they are special because “What separates this from other hoodies is the way the sweatshirt acts like a loose turtleneck. When I first got it, I had to get used to it, but after wearing it to school and soccer practice, I found out it is of good quality. My mom washed it a few times and it held up well.”

Juliana was stylin’ in purple and black leggings. She wrote: “Are you tired of wearing the same pants over and over again? Well have I got some pants for you! They are really comfortable, too! You can play any sport in them, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, anything! If you get grass stains on them, don’t worry! They hold up great in the wash. I only wish they had pockets.”

Megan liked the fuzzy red socks. She wrote: “These hit the spot. They are good for winter with boots to play in the snow! They don’t rip in the wash, and they have a thick lining of fabric. They are a good fashion statement to inspire your friends to wear something new.”

Danielle and James like the Roshe Runners from Nike. Danielle wrote: “These sneakers are made for really anybody. I was in Kids Foot Locker and saw the same exact sneakers in toddler size. These shoes come in many sizes and a variety of different colors. Another pro about these sneakers is that they are super-comfortable. They are about $65, but they are definitely worth the money.” James wore the Nike’s Roshe Run Print sneakers and loved them, too.

Megan recommends the Timberland boots. She wrote: “Do you wear boots in the winter that will keep you warm and comfy? They feel so good and comfort your feet so well! If you do any sports that require good shoes, these hit the spot!”

If you want the perfect sports look, get what Jake wears: the Nike wet suit. He wrote: “It is good for hiking, football or just to keep warm.”

Besides all that stuff, they also have sports socks that are so comfy. What are you waiting for? Besides great stuff, they have great prices, so that will make everyone happy. Check out

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