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Good Morning

We volunteer at the Ronald McDonald House

Credit: Kidsday staff artist Scott Kiley, Hempstead

It’s a new year and a chance for you to start the year off right by helping others. Our class, Therese O’Loughlin’s fourth-grade class, from the Michael F. Stokes Elementary School in Island Trees, does, and we do it by being volunteers at Ronald McDonald House in New Hyde Park.

We baked for the families and kids staying at the house. We volunteer to help families in their time of crisis. The program teaches us the importance of volunteering at a young age. We also become caring young leaders of the future. We learn to help kids in our own communities. Our class enjoys cooking dessert for the residents to enjoy at dinner. We also take a tour. Each room is decorated with its own personality.

Here is more information about how you can help:

Volunteers visit the Ronald McDonald House and bake for the families and kids staying at the House.This program gives schools and youth organizations an opportunity to volunteer by baking desserts, cakes, muffins and cupcakes to help families in need.

The program teaches kids the importance of volunteering at a young age, and also helps them become capable and caring young leaders of the future.

There should be no more than 10 kids per group and it is great for kids ages 16 and younger, and you also get a tour of the House.

The group must be supervised by a parent or an adult. They schedule one group per day, Monday through Friday.

It is located: 267-07 76th Ave., New Hyde Park. For more information, contact: Betti McClellan, volunteer and program coordinator. 516-775-5683, ext. 131. Online:

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