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Good Afternoon

Striped shirts are my fashion obsession

For Kidsday reporter Scott Sukiel, stripes have become

For Kidsday reporter Scott Sukiel, stripes have become part of his identity. Credit: Sukiel family

Some kids are obsessed with sneakers. Others are obsessed with baseball cards. I am obsessed with wearing striped shirts.

Striped shirts have always been a part of me throughout my life starting way back. I don’t have an exact time, but I can’t remember a time I haven’t worn striped shirts. Something about the lines, the patterns and the overall appearance of the shirt. There are so many colors and so many different styles that I’m into, and I will buy every one. There’s no competition between polka dots, diamonds or plaid shirts — stripes are the best design. I have become known as the Striped Boy among my classmates.

One day last week, I forgot to wear a striped shirt. I was up late playing on my phone when I know I should not have been, and I wound up oversleeping that morning. In a rush to get out of the house, I grabbed my brother’s shirt, which was lying on the couch, and ran out the door. Unfortunately for me, it was not a striped shirt.

Throughout the day, my classmates pointed out how I wasn’t wearing stripes. It got tiring by the end of the day, but it made me realize how people identify me as the Striped Boy. Doctors may warn that obsessions can be dangerous, but throughout my experience, I can say my classmates have embraced the obsession and it has become part of who I am.

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