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Weekly family workouts help us stay fit and healthy

You need to work to reach your fitness

You need to work to reach your fitness goal. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ines Barros, Southampton

On a weekly basis, we try to join our parents with a family workout. Our mothers work out daily, and we’ve seen how healthy it can be, so we want to join the party. We start with a warm-up and the dancing begins.

We follow celebrity fitness expert Shaun T ( as he guides us to amazing dance moves that get our hearts racing and bodies moving. We love the great dance moves and how the workout makes us feel.

Make sure you stay hydrated, because it’s not at all easy. You need to work to reach your goal. After we are done, we enjoy cooking with our parents to make a nice, healthy meal.

We hope this article inspires kids to stay healthy with their entire family. They will feel better in the long run. Health first.

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