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Weighing backpacks shows they’re too heavy

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kevin Li

I have a really important question to ask you. How heavy do you think your book bag is? Well I thought of how much I carry in my book bag daily and I thought that was way too much. So I decided to randomly ask three kids who are also working for Kidsday this week about their backpacks. I spoke to Kidsday reporters Joseph Naula, Eliza Bravo and Aaliyah Loverso.

We weighed their backpacks to find out how heavy each one was. Joseph’s was 15 pounds, Eliza’s was 20 and Aaliyah’s was more than 30. All three kids felt their backpacks were way too heavy and that was because of all the homework that they had. They needed to bring books home for almost every class every evening. They all agree there has to be a better way! On average everyone carries textbooks, binders, 3 or 4 notebooks, reading books, folders and a pencil case.

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