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Why weird is wonderful

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jennifer Hou, Bayside

To escape a confining reality, we like to read about interesting, odd characters that may not be so perfect, but are just so cool and inviting that we wish we could be them. And this is where the idea of weird being trendy begins.

These days, you might see kids in ripped jeans, big glasses, crazy hairstyles, cat-ear headbands and paint-splattered overalls. Being different or quirky is becoming not only accepted but admired. Kids strive to be unique. Longing for those dreams, we choose to embrace difference.

In science, people look up to those who stand out. They see weirdos as leaders. It was written in in 2011: “You know who’s weird? Astronauts. Saints. Nobel Prize winners. Scientists. People with hobbies you’ve never heard of or are afraid to try. People who speak their minds. . . .”

Quirky people think differently. They have ideas that revolutionize the world of science. Many weird people are seen as leaders because their unusual ways of thinking provide appeal to more straightforward minds. Oddness is what keeps us alive, and because of this, weird is becoming trendy.

I am a weirdo. From a young age, I loved creating things, whether in art or music, or just asking tons of questions. I’ve always been a curious person. My mind is always racing with random, crazy and beautiful thoughts. I’ve never really cared much about what I wore. There was seldom an “I love your outfit,” but even seeing my peers’ normality couldn’t really stop my terrible fashion sense from remaining. Nonetheless, I continued being quirky, creative me.

My artistic life has led me to experimenting with my outfits, and even though I’m definitely not a fashionista, I’ve designed costumes for movie shorts that I’ve done with my family, and I always love picking out outfits for people. I’ve continued working on my artwork, and the unlimited possibilities of creating free my mind. I’m not afraid to do something a bit crazy or speak my mind.

Maria Lennon and Erica Schultheis’ writing club, Candlewood Middle School, Dix Hills

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