Good Morning
Good Morning

Welcome to the Bowes Boutique

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Michael Pavano

Do you have sticker charts or tickets in your classroom? Well, we have the Bowes Boutique. It is a great learning experience for us. In our classroom, our teacher Mrs. Shari Bowes has little fake dollar bills with her face on them. You get them when you do a great job in class. Every Friday we get to buy prizes with our money. We also get to deposit our money in the ATM. It looks like a red and white stand. It also has boxes with prizes in it and how much they cost.

Mrs. Bowes assigns a cashier and an employee each week, so everyone will get a chance. You hand the cashier your Bowes Bucks and then they give you the prize you pick. Some of the prizes that are in the Bowes Boutique are erasers, pencils, bookmarks, homework passes and more. The Bowes Boutique is in Mrs. Bowes’ room because you can only get prizes from the Bowes Boutique because only our class does it. We love the Bowes Boutique because it is good to get rewards for good behavior. The last reason why we love the Bowes Boutique is because it is fun being the cashier when it is your turn.

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