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West Sayville’s Little Nook Cafe great for Harry Potter fans

Kidsday reporters, from left, Delaney Lutz, Kate Leigh-Manuell

Kidsday reporters, from left, Delaney Lutz, Kate Leigh-Manuell and Sadie Nelson at the Little Nook Cafe in West Sayville. Credit: Kelly Cummings

Attention, Harry Potter fans. Visit the Little Nook Cafe. The Little Nook is a great cafe to relax and just have a good time at. The Little Nook also has the drink everyone knows and loves — butterbeer. Butterbeer is a wonderful wizarding drink from the magical world of Harry Potter.

The owner of the Little Nook Cafe is Pietra Gambino. We asked what inspired the owner to have butterbeer on the menu. Pietra said she didn’t know anything about Harry Potter, and that one of her employees, Eva, came up with the idea. Eva said that she went to Universal Orlando and tried butterbeer. She thought it was so amazing. And since her sister loved the drink so much, they wanted to re-create it so they could have it all the time. Eva told us that she knew that butterbeer was supposed to be warm, but instead she made a cold version. Butterbeer is made out of cream soda and a few other delightfully delicious ingredients. It is so popular that they sell about 60 cups a day.

The Little Nook Cafe has so many delectable choices on the menu, from sweets to pizzas. They have panini and heroes, pizza pies, beverages, and a plethora of vegan and gluten-free items. It also has an open menu so if you don’t feel like anything on the menu, ask for what you want and see whether they can make it. Pietra’s favorite thing on the menu is the Wholly Nook Bomb, which is grilled chicken, French fries, mozzarella, blue cheese and garlic bread.

The Little Nook Cafe’s interior is unlike any restaurant we’ve ever seen. Pietra decorated the walls with colorful paintings and the local high school students drew murals on a wall. We thought the black ceilings were very interesting. There are several football jerseys and a few cheerleading outfits all over the walls. There is a Pac-Man game, a foosball table and a pool table.

Pietra said she was inspired to open The Little Nook because she wanted a small, cute cafe that was also a nice place to chill. She decided to have a kid-friendly restaurant. You might recognize some of the employees if you live nearby, because most of them are Sayville graduates. It is located at 14 Washington Ave., West Sayville.

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