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Good Morning

What age is right to stay alone without a baby-sitter?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

The baby-sitter’s here!

The word “baby-sitter” just sounds like a nightmare come true. When will our parents trust us to be home alone? But what would be a good age to lose your baby-sitter?

We had the chance at our lunch period to walk around and ask fifth-grade students what they thought would be a good age to lose their baby-sitter. Most kids said 7 would be the right age. But other kids said 10.

According to, most parents said 13 is the right age to lose a baby-sitter. We think 10 is a good age to lose a baby-sitter because that’s when kids start getting more responsible. It is probably the right age for kids to start thinking about becoming a baby-sitter or mother’s helper.

To sum it all up, kids will eventually become responsible enough to the point where they won’t need a baby-sitter anymore.

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