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What age should kids be to get a phone?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kimberly Te, Manhasset

All kids have been talking about lately is cellphones. They beg and beg their parents about getting them. Most of the time the response from parents is, “You’re not old enough.” How old do you think you should be when you get a cellphone? I took a survey of 40 kids at Buckley to find out. Here are my results:

Kids were asked how old they think kids should be and why. The ages were 9 to 13. The winner of the survey was age 10. The runner up was age 12. Besides wanting to get a phone, why do kids think these ages are appropriate?

The main reason kids chose age 10 is because they think kids become more responsible at that age. One kid who chose 10 said, “When they graduate fifth grade they have more responsibility and they need to talk to their parents.” Many other kids said similar things. They think it is important to stay in touch with their parents. Some others explained that they think it is good to stay in touch with their friends. Another response that came up was that phones are entertaining.

I spoke to a few parents about this, and believe it or not, most parents gave the same response: The winning age group was actually a four-way tie between 10, 12, 13 and 14. Some parents thought the age for cellphones should be 16 and some even 18. Parents who thought the age for cellphones should be in high school said these ages are good because of after-school activities. For parents who thought kids should be 10 years old they said kids have more responsibility at that age.

As you can see, parents and kids think very similarly about this topic. Most kids and parents seem to think around 10 years for the age is right for getting a phone. So how old do you think you should be when you get a phone?


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