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75° Good Afternoon

What food would you be?

Big food, little food, healthy food, junk food. There are so many types of food around the world. But there also are so many types of people around the world -- American, Chinese, African, British and many others. So, what if every person on Earth was turned into food? Would you be healthy or unhealthy? Tasty or gross?

If you were asked this, would you say your favorite food as the answer? Most people would. But some people would say they are the food that shares some characteristics with themselves. If you were popular, you might be ice cream. A lot of kids like you, and you are cool -- literally. So now, what food are you? Are you still choosing your favorite food? Or, are you taking a closer look into what food you are?

We've asked this question to some of the kids in our school. Alex Lawless said he would be pizza. But, the thing is, pizza is also his favorite food. Alex just chose his favorite food. We also talked to Dakota Lambrou. His favorite food is peanut butter and jelly. But if he were turned into a food, he thinks he would be a banana. Bananas are yellow. Dakota has blonde hair and he really likes the color yellow. He thought more about what food he is.

So now that you've heard some of our classmates' thoughts, are you taking a closer look? Are you a healthy food or a junk food? Tasty or gross? What food are you?

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