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What I love about visiting Fire Island

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Zoe Rizzo, Flushing

Fire Island is a great place to visit. Here are some of my reasons to visit this unique vacation spot:

n When you are walking along the sidewalk you can see kids selling things like decorated shells, drinks and other cool things. They are great souvenirs. I even had a fun time selling decorated shells myself.

n Beautiful nature. Sometimes there are deer walking right next to you. You can also see unique birds and bugs. The island has a lot of different types of plants. But be sure to check for ticks.

n The town of Ocean Beach has a lot of restaurants and shops. They have the best seafood.

n The beach is a fun spot all year-round. You can collect shells, build a sand castle, play volleyball, and more. Sometimes on a clear day you can even see dolphins.

n There are few cars, so you can ride your bike or scooter and not have to worry about traffic.

n A favorite place of mine to eat ice cream is in Kismet by the flagpole. You can sit on a bench and watch the boats pulling into the dock. This is especially fun at night. When you are done you can go to the playground.

n To get to Fire Island you have to take a ferry. The ferry is very cool, especially if you sit on the top. You can see most of the island. Fire Island ferries leave from a few towns on the South Shore of Long Island.

n Another spot you can visit is the Fire Island Lighthouse. You can climb up all the steps and stand on a platform near the top. Once you climb up and down all of the stairs you get a certificate. There is also a nice gift shop.

n My favorite part of the island is the Sunken Forest at Sailors Haven. It is a forest that is more than 250 years old with rare species of plants. You can walk along the boardwalk and trails and see interesting trees and wildlife. For more:


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