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What it's like to be a Girl Scoute

What is being a Girl Scout really all about? Well, it is not just about hanging out with your friends or going on fun trips with your troop. It is also about becoming a leader, growing with your troop, helping others, learning new things and earning respect. Girl Scouts is about making loving, lasting and caring friendships. Most of all, it is all about encouraging others to do their best.

It is about earning badges so you can show how involved you are in Girl Scouts. It is also about being able to take action and stand up for what you believe in.

If you are truly a Girl Scout, then you are not just one when you are with your troop doing service, activities, or learning what you need to know to be a Girl Scout. It is also about being a Girl Scout when you are not with your troop. This means when someone needs help with something, you do it.

Another example is if someone in your school or neighborhood is getting bullied, you can stand up for the kid that is getting bullied and show other people your respect for others. That is not only being a true Girl Scout, it is also being a good person. If you are ever asked what being a Girl Scout is all about, say it is about learning to be a leader, giving respect to other people, being the best person you can be, and helping others, too.

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