Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

What roller coaster thrills you the most?

Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure is a new breed of thrill ride called a hypercoaster. The first hill is a staggering 233 feet high. But you won't get to enjoy the view for long because almost immediately you'll be dropped 215 feet in just seconds. You will be flying at 80 mph as you zoom into the second hill. This is just one of many roller coasters at the New Jersey Six Flags park. We asked kids which one is their favorite and we gave them three choices: Nitro, Superman Ultimate Flight, and Green Lantern. Here is what they liked best:

Superman Ultimate Flight 24

Nitro 14

Green Lantern 4

Don't ride roller coasters 14

Superman is the ride that kids in our school like best. It is fast and has lots of loops to make you feel like you are flying. There are about 12 roller coasters to choose from at Six Flags but some might not work for kids our age because we might not meet the height requirements.

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