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What the American flag means to me

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabella Niola, Old Westbury

I drive to the Marine barracks at the break of dawn in Washington, D.C., with my grandpa. I watch the Marines salute the flag and march with great pride. I watch them play patriotic songs. They shine great lights on our beautiful American flag. I feel proud to be an American. Then I think about what the flag means to me.

The flag’s very dramatic history reminds us about the whole military and all those soldiers who fought for our beloved flag. They fought through sorrows and hardships but got the job done. To me, the flag represents all the people who died for us to fight for freedom. From the 13 colonies all way to the 50 states, that flag is still standing high.

My great-grandfather was one of those soldiers who proudly fought for our country even when he and his fellow soldiers went through agony, they still worked hard to fight for our country. From the world wars to the sad tragedy of 9/11, everybody was perseverant about it and went through it.

That flag is still standing high today and it will always be standing for years to come.

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