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What you’ll find at the Holtsville Ecology Center

The Holtsville Ecology Center was first opened in 1974. It is home to more than 100 animals — from buffalo and turkeys to emus.

Besides looking at animals, you can enjoy a pool, a walking and exercise trail and more. In the Safety Town section, you can ride a bike, drive a car and learn how to be a good pedestrian.

If you are planning to go in the winter, sorry, they are not open. The only thing you can do is go running in the snow.

Did you know that the center gets some of its animals from people keeping them as pets illegally? Sometimes the animals get injured because they do not know how to survive in the wild.

As for what they do with the animals in the winter, most of the animals have houses to go into for the winter. They wrap up the houses of some, like the rabbits and parakeets, to keep them warmer. Some go into hibernation.

Plan your trip to the Holtsville Ecology Center — it is locayed at 249 Buckley Rd.

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