Good Morning
Good Morning

Which parent would you prefer behind the wheel?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Ines Barros, Southampton

It’s time for a family trip, and it is time to load everything and everyone in the car. But there is one question: Who would you rather have behind the wheel: Mom or Dad? We asked 100 kids in our school that question, and here are our results:

Dad: 65

Mom: 35

We got a lot of mixed reasons for the choices. Some said it was because their parents had road rage. Some said it was because one or the other made more bathroom and snack stops. We even got the answer of favoritism!

We have to say we were surprised by these results. In conclusion, Dad is more likely to be the kids’ choice for driving the family car on a road trip. It looks like Dad wins this survey. Better luck next time, Mom.

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