If you want a wet and wild adventure this spring or summer, try white-water rafting. My family went to Deep Creek in Maryland, at Adventure Sports Center International, last summer and went white-water rafting. We drove up to the place. I got out of the car, the air was cold. My family went up to pay. I got a waterproof jacket. Then we had to have a safety meeting. The safety meeting was about how, if you fall in the water, to put your legs and arms up. Also, it was about the rules. It was about how to put on your helmet and your life jacket. Then we went up with our instructor, Seth. We got in our raft. There was a big lake. My brother did not listen to how to put it on right, because he put it on wrong. We got paddles. Seth told us which way to paddle forward or backward. I think paddling forward is easier. You go down a thing called a rapid. They look like little tiny waterfalls. My brother fell out of the boat. We tried to surf it, going up the rapid in our boat. So, that was my day white-water rafting, and I can’t wait to do it again.

There are lots of places to go do this, but this place was great fun. Their website: deepcreek.com