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Who loves owls?

Kidsday reporter Eileen Duffy has owls everywhere!

Kidsday reporter Eileen Duffy has owls everywhere! Credit: Anne Duffy

I love owls! I had never really thought much about owls until third grade, when we were given a reading assignment about them. I figured it would be like any other reading assignment, but little did I know it would change my life. I fell in love with owls that day, and found myself wanting to know all about them. I started reading any books I found about owls. I learned that the owl symbolizes wisdom and a love for learning, which is perfect since I’m a kid who loves school.

The snowy owl is my favorite. My friends and family started giving me different owl things, and before I knew it, I had quite a collection of owl statues, stuffed animals and pictures. My parents put a shelf above my bed just for my owls. I also have owl jewelry and a ton of different owl shirts. For my birthday one year, my Nana adopted a snowy owl in my name. She gave me the adoption certificate with a stuffed owl, which has become my favorite one. I just love owls and I’m going to keep growing my collection forever.


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