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Why do little kids love chicken nuggets?

Do you have a little brother or sister, and have you ever noticed that he or she only eats chicken nuggets? I have two younger siblings, so I have seen firsthand that this is true. Their first words are not "Momma" and "Dadda," they are "chicken nugget." And their first sentence is, "Have chicken nugget, Momma?"

Why do they always obsess over chicken nuggets? I mean, what is so great about them? I think I have finally figured it out.

When kids are little, it is one of the first things they can say, so they ask for it all of the time. By the time little kids have their own opinion, they have been eating chicken nuggets their entire lives. Therefore, they are obsessed with them!

Oh, and it doesn't help that you can get chicken nuggets almost everywhere. Chicken nuggets are quick and easy for kids who don't have any patience to wait for their dinner to be ready.

Many parents rely on this as an easy meal for their children during the week. Chicken nuggets are here to stay for so many reasons.

Calling all toddlers -- your chicken nuggets are ready!

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