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Why do NBA players get paid so much more than soldiers?

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Brendel Pena, Patchogue

Last season we were watching an NBA game. The TV reporter was talking about money and said that Kobe Bryant, who has now retired from playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, was paid $25 million per year. We were shocked, so we looked it up and saw that it was true, for 2015-2016. Then we searched for “What is the average amount of money NBA players get paid per year?” We were surprised to see that the typical salary was $2.8 million for the same season.

A few days later when we were riding the bus, we passed by an ad that said, “Increase the soldier’s salary.” We did research and found out that enlisted soldiers typically get less than $30,000 per year for basic pay.

We were shocked that NBA players get paid so much more than soldiers do. It is not fair to soldiers because they risk their lives and leave their families to protect us and our country, while NBA players play a sport and get paid so much more.

We want the government to increase the salary of U.S. soldiers.

Fairness in how much people get paid will lead to happier people in the world. And who doesn’t want a world with happy people?


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