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Why I admire my older brother

My older brother, Liam, has FSHD. Did you know that FSHD is the most common muscle dystrophy? FSHD stands for facioscapulohumeral dystrophy. That's a fancy way to say face, shoulder blade and arms. FSHD is a rare disease. It can make you not be able to move your arms and legs in severe cases. It can mess up your smile and lips. Liam can't close his eyes all the way and his arms get tired a lot. FSHD is caused by a gene called DUX4; it spreads and kills muscle cells.

Once a year my mom and Liam travel from Long Island to Columbus, Ohio, to go to a doctor. Liam says that it's fun for him to go to Ohio where an FSHD research lab is. At the lab he looks at cells that got taken over by DUX4. He also gets to see muscle cells under a huge microscope to see if they have FSHD. Even though he can't do wrestling or lacrosse, he gets to go to a lab to do all that cool stuff.

I admire Liam because he never complains about what he can't do. He never gives up even when he is tired. He is able to type and can even raise his arm over his head at times. He is a great person, and most of all, I admire him because he is my brother.

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