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Why I love quads

A quad is a four-wheel all-terrain vehicle that is a lot of fun to ride. The first time I rode a quad was at my dad's friend's house in upstate New York.

I rode a 660cc Yamaha 4x4, and it felt unstoppable through rough terrain. The cc on quads are the engine sizes -- it ranges from 49cc to 1,000cc. The more cc's, the more horsepower and speed the quad will have.

When you ride a quad, you must wear a helmet and protective gear. In September, I learned why we must wear protective gear, because I fell down a ditch and smashed my face on the handlebar of the quad. Unfortunately, the next day was picture day.

In conclusion, quads are very fun but still dangerous. I can't wait until I am older and I can get my own!

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