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Good Evening

Why I love soccer, even when I’m not playing

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Isabella Coon, North Babylon

Is soccer fun? Of course it’s fun. Soccer is a perfect sport for people who love using their feet. This is because you use your feet to get the ball into the goal. I play soccer, and when I am not playing, I even help my mom coach.

My mom is the coach of the North Babylon Middle School girls soccer team at Robert Moses Middle School. I go to most of their practices and games. I help my mom by getting water bottles ready and by filling up the ice bucket. I remember once water splattered all over my shirt. Everyone laughed. I even chuckled, too. I sometimes have to carry the water bottles and the ice bucket, but that’s OK because I enjoy it.

I also help by getting out the right number of cones and soccer balls. Sometimes when the girls play, I can point out what they are doing right or wrong. Sometimes I ask to play with them, and then I get to show off a bit. I would like to practice with them and even scrimmage the boys’ team. They are all so nice to me.

So is soccer fun? Like I said before, of course it is. However, it all depends on you.

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