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Why we like running

Kidsday reporters Sofia Ng and Lucas Brazier.

Kidsday reporters Sofia Ng and Lucas Brazier. Credit: Ng family

We like the sport of running. Here are our stories.

SOFIA’S STORY I started running when I was 6 and did a Veteran’s Day 4K fun run, and that was the start. Soon after that I was able to do triathlons, just like my mom does. It felt good to sprint past people to the finish line. I celebrated by sitting on the beach and having ice cream. I train for triathlons now with my mom. We also swim and ride bikes together. When my mom ran the 2016 New York City Marathon, I jumped in and joined her from mile 12 to 16.

LUCAS’ STORY When I was 9, I won a race and was the fastest person in my grade. When I told my mom, she didn’t believe me until I was timed in a mile and ran it in 6 minutes, 11 seconds. My mom encouraged me to join the Northport Running club with Sofia and I did. I like to run 4k and 5k races, but I also like to do sprinting. I love to run because I like winning all the medals, running with friends and family, and, most of all, finishing! In one race, I was coming close to the finish and I sprinted really hard and beat my dad by one second!

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