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Actor Will Ferrell talks with Long Island kids

Actor Will Ferrell with Kidsday reporters, from left,

Actor Will Ferrell with Kidsday reporters, from left, John Buffolino, Sofia Mangione, Nina Martellacci and Shane Liebler. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

After seeing “Daddy’s Home 2” on Tuesday night, we came back into Manhattan to meet and interview actor Will Ferrell. It was an exciting privilege for us. He was very funny and super kind. We were nervous to meet him, but he made us feel comfortable and was easy to talk to. Will has starred in many of our favorite films, including “Elf,” “Anchorman” and “Step Brothers.” After just one question, we were already relaxed. We really liked hearing about the combination of real snow and CGI effects that were used to film the snowball fight scene. We also liked hearing stories about his kids, who are our age! We told him as we walked into the room how much we liked this film, and he laughed and agreed. He said, “It was just crazy physical comedy.”

What was your favorite scene in this movie?

I liked the Nativity scene where we have the snowball fight, the fight we have over the thermostat, the turkey hunt scene. There are so many funny scenes in the movie.

When you filmed the snowball scene, how many takes did it take, and did you use real snow?

We used real snow, and they made some of the snow. They take ice and they chip it down to make it look like snow, so it was kind of a mix. And then we also used CGI, which is computer-generated imaging, so when it was a snowball that looked like it hit John Lithgow, who plays my dad, he would just fall over and they would put the snowball in later.

In real life, are you more like Brad [Ferrell’s character] or Dusty [Mark Wahlberg’s character]?

I would say I am more like Brad. My kids think I am pretty much a dork. They think Mark is super cool. Let’s face it, he is. Yeah, I am more like a dorky Brad, I am sorry to say.

Was working with kids fun or easy?

You know, Scarlett [Estevez, who plays Megan] and Owen [Vaccaro, who plays Dylan], we knew them from the first movie. They are so good and so professional. And then Didi [Costine], who plays Mark’s stepdaughter, was brand-new, but they all got along great. And when you are working on a movie set with kids, they have to go to school on set. For at least six hours a day they have school and then go and act. It is really hard on them. All the kids in the movie were so professional, and they were better than we were. They all knew their lines every single time, and they took direction really well.

What was the most difficult part of making this movie?

The actual making of the movie was just really fun, and there were no big issues. The hardest part for me was being away from my family for 2 1⁄2 months. We shot the movie in Boston but we live in Los Angeles. So I only got to see my wife and my kids for one week. They came out for spring break.

We really liked both “Daddy’s Home” movies. Would you ever want to make a third?

Well, usually you get to do a third one if the second one is successful. We will see what happens. I would do a third one — this was so fun. It is always so much fun to work with Mark Wahlberg. This is the third movie we have done, and to work with John Lithgow, who played my dad, and Mel Gibson, who played Mark’s dad, that was really fun. All the actors get along great, and then we would have to think of what that idea would be.

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