Good Evening
Good Evening

Win ribbons by running track

Do you have a collection? Some people collect rocks, buttons, even leaves. During fall I collect track ribbons. Track is a great sport for kids of all ages. If you like to run, track is the sport for you. Running is a great way to get your energy out. If you are energetic, jumping hurdles will be great for you. All of this pays off on Sunday, the competition.

First I started soccer, then football, baseball and karate. Finally I started track. Track was twice a week. Mondays were practice and Sundays were the meets. Sundays were the days we got the ribbons. The harder the race, the harder it was to get a high place. I have three second-place ribbons, one third-place one, and one fourth and fifth. I didn't get a first-place one. Well, it was my first year. Every time I win a ribbon I add it to my collection. Next time I'll add to it even more.

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