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Good Evening

With Tiny Tower, you can be the boss

Tiny Tower is a game where you show your employees who is boss! It is a downloadable app for your smartphone that you will like a lot.

Grow your tower up and up. Decide who gets what job. Pay and sell valuable items. Evict employees (but don't evict them too often). Check their stats. Build floors like sushi bar, paintball arena and toy store. You can even put some of the Bitizens who live in your tower into their dream jobs.

The types of floors you can have: creativity, residential, recreation, retail, food and service. If you want a specific floor, just press the green button at the bottom that says: Choose Specific Floor. But you'll have to pay for it. You need to pay in Tower Bux, which is the currency for this game.

You get Tower Bux for building a new floor, finding a Bitizen when prompted, and sometimes for moving a Bitizen in the elevator to the right floor. You pay Tower Bux to stock shops, speed up construction or rent a friend's apartment. This game is addicting because you are the boss!

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