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Woodworking with my grandfather brings us closer

Kidsday reporter Madelyn Hoisik of West Babylon with

Kidsday reporter Madelyn Hoisik of West Babylon with her grandfather Robert D'Angelo of Bayville in his woodworking shop. Credit: Janet Hoisik

Something special I do with my grandpa is the art of woodworking. My grandpa Robert D’Angelo has been doing this since he moved into his newest house in Bayville. He has his very own workshop. He makes a variety of things — bowls, pens, signs and much more. He gets his ideas from meetings and just being inspired by something. I love what my grandpa does.

He showed me how to make a base. So what you do is take a variety of glue and goo. Add all sorts of colors and glitter. Then put your piece of wood in the bowl (or container) of glue and let the wood sit overnight. When you wake the next morning, take a knife and cut around the edges. There you have it — your base. Now, if you think that is hard, try making a pen.

My grandpa is so creative. At Thanksgiving, he asked me and my sisters, Charlotte and Lyla, to take our time and draw a nice sunny day. So we did. Then he took that chalkboard and made four giant wooden pencils. Then he glued the chalkboard to all of the pencils. Lastly, he made little packets of glue and crayons out of wood and glued those on. What he was planning all along was a cute little table for Christmas. If you set your mind to do something, you can go and push yourself and I promise you will reach that goal.

Woodworking is not cheap! It is not something where you can go to the dollar store or Five Below to get your supplies! You need to spend money.

I once asked my grandpa, “Pops, if I give a boy a pen, should I make a price?” He looked down at me and shook his head. He said, “Do you know how much money it costs to make one pen?” I shook my head and stared. He looked at me hard and said, “It costs more than $50 to make one pen.” I couldn’t believe what I just heard. So that boy never got his pen. So do you see what I mean when I say woodworking is expensive? In addition to the wood, you have to buy the cutting supplies, and, of course, your safety goggles and apron. So, do you see my point?

Woodworking to me is something many people should try, not just because you get something. You also get to spend time with someone you love. When my grandpa comes up to me and gives me his work, I look at him and give him a big kiss and hug. I hope one day kids will enjoy woodworking or just spending more time with their family as much as I do.

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