Good Morning
Good Morning

Going to work with my father at the family business

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Andrew Loughlin, Garden City

Have you ever gone to work with one of your parents? Well, sometimes I go to work with my dad. My parents own a company called Anlo Property Services.

At work my dad places down turf, which is a lot harder than it sounds. He also builds playgrounds for schools, houses and public places.

I wear a special shirt that has the company logo on it. I wear it when I am at work with my dad, and all the people who work with my dad wear it, too. When I’m at work with my dad, I am either placing down turf or moving items like tool or bricks. At the end of my day, I get a reward. Usually I get to go to my favorite restaurant or get some candy.

Overall, I like working with my dad because one day I want to own the same company. I hope you get a chance to work with one of your parents. You’ll have a great day and learn a lot.

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