Good Morning
Good Morning

Working in the school store

One of the things I look forward to doing during the school year is working in our school store. We sell cool things that kids may need during the school year. We sell stress balls, glue sticks, erasers, folders, binders and other supplies as well as school spirit items.

The first thing we did before we opened was make a list of the items we wanted to sell. We asked teachers and students what they thought we should sell and then placed the order. When the items arrived, we had to unpack and price them, which was a lot of fun. Once our shelves were full it was time to open the store. We had a big ceremony for the grand opening, which many of the administrators of the school attended. The kids in my class made a speech about the school store and all of us had to say something about what we do for the store. I talked about how I help the customers by selling them things. I sometimes make suggestions to kids who don't know which things to buy.

The school store is the best thing ever and it's really fun to be a part of it.

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