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Workout Wednesdays an exercise in fun

Does your school have a normal Wednesday morning? Well, not Lakeville Elementary School! Kids in our school have a fun exercising routine, but it's actually a dance! The coaches make up dances, use the Internet, learn some dances at meetings or just remember dances from their childhood.

We interviewed the coaches -- David Graham, James Bailan, Jeanie Igoe and Adam McKeanzie -- and asked questions about Workout Wednesdays. Here are our questions and the coaches' answers.

How did you come up with Workout Wednesdays?Jeanie Igoe: Mrs. Feldman [principal of Lakeville School] spoke to the coaches about Workout Wednesdays at a meeting.

Do all the coaches work together?Jeanie Igoe: Yes, everyone works together.

What do you think of Workout Wednesdays?David Graham: It's a fun way to bring the gym into the classroom.

What is your favorite part of Workout Wednesdays?

David Graham: When everyone works together at the same time and makes a good effort.

Do you brainstorm ideas for dances and songs together or individually?

Adam McKeanzie: Coach Igoe usually knows dances; she used to be a dance teacher.

Coach Igoe added, "Exercising's . . . good for your mind and body."

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