Good Evening
Good Evening

I collect wrestling action figures

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

My wrestlers collection is the best thing I’ve ever had. I started collecting wrestlers at age 5, and it has been growing every year.

My first wrestler was Sheamus. I happen to have 56 wrestlers in my collection. They almost feel like family. Everyone knows how much I like them, so I not only buy them but also get them as gifts on my birthday, Christmas and Easter. I play with them all the time, and I even have a ring so they can battle it out just like the real wrestlers do.

My favorite one is Randy Orton because he is very cool. I chose to collect wrestlers because I like WWE. The action figures are made by Mattel, and they are great. My next dream is to make it to a real WWE match and get to see Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman battle it out in person.

Carol Chisan and Donna Haakonson’s fourth-grade class, William Floyd Elementary School, Shirley

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