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Hauppauge athletes train hard to get their arms around wrestling

Kidsday reporter Wally Faiz of Bretton Woods Elementary

Kidsday reporter Wally Faiz of Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge, enjoys wrestling. Credit: Faiz family

Wrestling is a sport that takes a lot of hard work and training. In our district, Hauppauge, practices occur every Monday and Wednesday.

We meet at Hauppauge High School in the downstairs gym to practice. If we come early, we usually play European handball, dodgeball or snakes in the grass. At the end of practice we can play these games again if no one uses the gym.

When it’s time to start regular wrestling practice, we jog in circles and when the whistle blows, we sprint. Then when we’re done sprinting, we put our hands on our heads and walk to a spot where we can stretch. When we finish stretching, we get a partner and have matches and activities. We start wrestling matches in a lot of different positions.

There are usually matches on Sunday and you can only wrestle others in your weight class in matches or tournaments. The matches are just like the ones in practice, but with different people. We can wrestle up to three opponents. If you win all three, you get gold; if you win two, you get silver; if you win one, you get bronze.

Remember to train hard and you will enjoy this sport.

Tara Dungate and Veronica Weeks’ fifth-grade class, Bretton Woods Elementary School, Hauppauge

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