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Wristband speakers are loud and clear

Jambanz wristband speakers ( are great for listening to music. The Jambanz speakers are a slapstick bracelet with a small speaker attached to the top. You control the volume from either the device that is playing the music (such as your phone or iPod) or the speakers themselves.

To play the music, all you have to do is pair the Jambanz to a Bluetooth, so if you have the device with you, you can use them anytime, anywhere. The speakers will immediately impress your friends and family. Unfortunately, the device playing the music can only go about 10 feet away from the speakers before the song starts to glitch.

The Jambanz speakers are one of the best speakers I have ever had. They are portable so I can easily bring them anyplace I want to. The range of volume with the speakers is really good. They can be extremely loud (which is good if a big crowd is listening to the music) or extremely quiet. I think all ages would love having these. I certainly do! They come in different colors and cost about $30.

Rating: 4.5 smiles

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