Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Writer’s notebooks inspire us and spark our imagination

Kidsday reporter Tatiana James with the decorated writer's

Kidsday reporter Tatiana James with the decorated writer's notebooks. Credit: Therese O’Loughlin

Our class uses writer’s notebooks. We each have our own and we decorated them front and back with photos that are meaningful to us.

The first page in the notebook has a big heart. We each named people, places and things that are close to our own hearts on the big heart. We use the heart to help us think about what to write about when we are having trouble with ideas.

We write new entries in our writer’s notebooks every day. We share our writing with classmates. Sometimes we illustrate our entries. We are currently writing realistic fiction stories. We get to use our imagination.

Writing is so much fun! Get a notebook and decorate it, and join us writers!

Therese O’Loughlin’s fourth-grade class, Michael F. Stokes Elementary School, Levittown

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