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Good Evening

Wubu Guess the App is fun and challenging

Do you love fun guessing games that you can download on any Apple device? The app is Wubu Guess the App and it has many levels. Sadly, I couldn't get past the 8th level because it was challenging. At the bottom of the screen, there are scrambled letters and double letters. At the top, there are emblems of the specific app you have to try to guess. When you figure it out, type the letters and they will go in the appropriate boxes. There's no time limit. Every round you finish, you are rewarded 10 coins. You need 60 coins to get a free letter in a box if you are stuck. If you have 100 coins, you're able to unscramble the word puzzle. This app includes kid and adult apps. I don't know all the apps, so it was hard for me. I recommend this game for kids 7 and older.

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