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You can contribute by tutoring fellow students

Have you contributed to your society? Some of you may shake your head, but I bet you have without realizing it. Or it's just sitting in a remote corner of your brain, under the dust and debris of your forgotten memories. You may have recycled, helped neighbors clean their yards or even helped someone with a conflict.

An even better way to contribute is at school. It's a place where you spend most of your youth, so why not help out? At our school, students help one another with homework through a program called Advantage. In this program, students stay after school and do their homework if there is no guardian at their home at the moment.

In a way, students helping other students with homework is sometimes better than a teacher helping, because it may be fresher in the student's brain. And it's a lot more fun for someone close to your age to relate to the work you have to do.

In our program, only eighth-graders are eligible to help, but this idea can spread and vary. If you are willing to start a program like this, talk to your school advisers and maybe this idea will turn into a reality.

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