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You’ll be hooked on my tips for how to catch a fish

Kidsday reporter Jack Stam with a fish he

Kidsday reporter Jack Stam with a fish he caught in Florida. Credit: Samantha Stam

I started to fish when I was 4. My grandma has a house in St. Augustine, Florida. I fish on the beach. I’m lucky that I have a house on the beach.

First you need to know when to fish. I go fishing during high tide. Fish like to bite when the tides change. You can fish on a dock, boat, even on the beach. If you want to catch a big fish, like a shark or a snook, you want a big hook and a good rod. A good rod is strong and has tight rod line, and you can reel in. When I am in Florida, I like to fish about four times a week and I go with my dad. If you really commit to it, you have to have patience. I am out there for three or four hours.

There are many kinds of bait that you could use. My favorite is shrimp. Popular baits are shrimp, clams, crabs and mullet. Lots of people also use sand crabs, which you can find on the beach. When you catch a fish, you could also cut it up and use that for bait.

A real fisherman needs to know how to clean a fish. You don’t want to eat a fish with scales on, do you? You also need to know how to cut a fish. Do want to eat a fish with its organs in it? I don’t think so. When you go fishing you always — and I mean always — want to bring a tackle box just in case your line snaps, so you always have extras. Your tackle box should have many different kinds of lures and fake bait, but if you really want to catch anything, it’s best to use real bait, not fake.

Here is my final fishing tip: Use two hooks because one may come off, and if you have bait on both, if the fish doesn’t take the bait on one hook, it may go to the other.

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