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YouTube is educational and fun

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Casey Chung, Wheatley Heights

YouTube ( is one of the most used apps in all of the world. It is free, and you can spend money on it if you wish to upgrade. It can keep you on track with what is going on in the news, sports and social media, and it can make you laugh.

Some YouTubers specialize in making highlights, others are gamers, others are fashion queens, some are cooks. Even scientists are on this. Some YouTubers are not good people to follow. They take things too far, and they cross the line. Some of these people have been punished by YouTube for the content. Most YouTubers are fun and good to follow. It’s always best to have your parents check out what’s OK to watch.

One channel I like is The Simple Cooking Channel. These people have a lot of good recipes that are cheap and easy to make. If you are looking for a healthy and inexpensive meal, just follow this channel. I think that the pizza recipe is extremely simple. It makes the pizza with not a lot of cheese or grease, and it also makes the pizza healthy and tasty.

Another YouTube channel to follow is The Slow Mo Guys. They have a lot of videos in slow motion (obviously) that are super cool.

Finally, I like Brave Wilderness. This channel shows the star, Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson, interacting with dangerous animals. Not only are these videos cool, but they also can help you get over any fear of some animals. I personally got over my fear of bees by watching his “Stung by a Tarantula Hawk” video. He also talks about the animal before interacting, so it is a good learning opportunity. Recommended to anyone with a fear of animals or a love for science or nature.

Marie Hand and Thomas House’s sixth- and seventh-grade students, Bridgehampton School

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