Good Evening
Good Evening

Zeus, a gentle giant of a dog

Let me tell you about my dog. He's big, sloppy and very clumsy and his name is Zeus. My dog is an English mastiff. He is a year old and weighs almost 200 pounds. He is very big, but thinks he is a lap dog.

When I'm sitting down watching TV, Zeus is on my lap snoring. Zeus is also afraid of everything, from the mailman to my cat. When he gets scared, he hides under the kitchen table and shakes.

When my dog eats, half of the food is in his mouth and the other is on the floor. Also when he runs, he usually trips over his own legs and sometimes falls. Zeus also has two sisters, Molly (English mastiff) and Morgan (St. Bernard). Zeus is really big, but he is my gentle giant!

I do have a crazy house, but I would never give it up. I love my dogs.

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