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Zoomer Dinos can appeal to people of all ages

I got a Zoomer Dino (SpinMaster) and it is awesome! This toy has futuristic balance technology and sensors at the front of it. You can get different versions of this dino. I got Onyx, which is the black Zoomer Dino. His eyes change color with his mood, and his mouth moves when he makes noise.

The Zoomer Dino is fun for the whole family, because kids and adults like it. My baby cousin Sebastian loved playing with it and my Uncle Chris said it was cool.

You can use a remote to control him and teach him to dance, chase and roar. When his eyes are yellow, he needs to charge, which happens every once in a while. If you press a button on his back, his eyes turn purple. If he is curious, his eyes are blue. If he is happy, his eyes are green. If you pull his tail, shake his head, or press the red lightning bolt button on the remote, his eyes turn red, which means he is angry, so you better watch out! You can have lots of fun with this.

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