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‘Zootopia’ mystery movie is a wild ride

Officer Judy Hopps faces off with Nick Wilde,

Officer Judy Hopps faces off with Nick Wilde, a very tricky fox, in "Zootopia." Credit: Disney

We went to an advance private screening of the new movie “Zootopia,” in Manhattan last week. The movie was about a bunny rabbit, Judy Hopps (voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin) who had big dream of becoming the first bunny police officer. Nobody thought she could do it including her parents who were carrot farmers and wanted her to stay home. She thought that Zootopia was a beautiful place where everyone got along, but when she got there her thoughts quickly changed. She trained hard and was able to become a police officer and was stationed in Zootopia, but her boss thought that she would be better off writing traffic tickets.

Eventually she was given her first real assignment to find a missing otter, Emmett Otterton. Along the way she meets Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman), a very tricky fox. In the meantime, 14 more cases of missing animals are announced. They just vanished. We find out that the animals were “savaged” or made wild again. Nick and Judy end up teaming up and finding out a big mystery about the missing animals.

We all had favorite scenes in this entertaining movie. Kelly and Camron liked the DMV scene where the workers were sloths and did everything at a super slow pace. She thought it was so funny.

James loved any scene that had the leopard police officer who was at the front desk. He was just so funny.

Olivia loves a happy ending in movies and that is why she liked the scene where Emmett Otterton makes a full recovery from being savaged and returns to normal.

We all agree that kids ages 7 and older will love this film.

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