Good Morning
Good Morning

Zorbing is an exciting activity

Zorb is one of the best places to go in the summer. I went there when my family took a trip to Tennessee. Going to Zorb was different from anything I've ever tried before. There is a giant bubble ball there and you go in it. You have the decision to go into the bubble ball with or without water. If you choose to go with the water, you get a towel and they fill up the bubble ball with water. They roll you down a hill. You slide all around the ball and you get soaking wet. If you choose the dry bubble ball, the assistants there strap you into it and you roll really fast down the hill.

You can look online for more information if you go to The Zorb in Tennessee closed, but there's one in Amesbury, Massachusetts, only a few hours away. I'm hoping my family will take me there this summer!

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