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Kworks in Farmingdale lets kids play while parents work

Kworks in Farmingdale offers parents work spaces and

Kworks in Farmingdale offers parents work spaces and supervised play spaces for their kids. Credit: Communication Strategy Group / Lisa Hazen

Kworks in Farmingdale gives parents who work from home another option to get the job done while keeping children entertained by providing a supervised play area to occupy kids while moms and dads work in the office area.

Manhattan’s Michelle Smith, who grew up in Westbury, opened Kworks with her husband, Scott. In the space featuring six individual desks and one group desk, kids play in a designated area that offers soft play equipment, books and toys. Children are supervised by individuals with past experience in early childhood education or day care. “We run full background checks,” says Smith of her hired caretakers.

The playspace is geared toward kids ages 4 and younger, but “we welcome older children to play board games, do arts and crafts, read, watch a movie or play a video game,” says Smith.

Desk space must be reserved in advance, and members can log in to the Kworks site and reserve the same day if a desk is available or reserve for anytime open in the future.

Kworks is open Monday through Friday, with two daily three-hour windows for reservations (9 a.m. to noon and 2 to 5 p.m.). Members pay $99 yearly, which grants two sessions; additional sessions are $45 each ($55 for non-members). The fee includes one child, with additional children an added $10 each.

Each session includes desk usage, free Wi-Fi, faxing, printing and complimentary coffee, tea and water. Kworks has kitchen space as well, so clients can bring food and drink if desired. There’s no office dress code, but “my hope would be people dress appropriately for an office with children,” says Smith.

Kworks is located at 2 Maplewood Ave., Farmingdale. The phone number is 516-578-9705 and the website is

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