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Lauren Holly on parenting teens: 'There is no privacy'

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently spoke with actress Lauren

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently spoke with actress Lauren Holly about her role on the television show "Motive," her children and more. Credit: Celebrity Baby Scoop

Lauren Holly stars as Dr. Betty Rogers on the CTV television drama "Motive." The mother of sons Azer, George and Henry unveiled a new clothing line called Lauren’s Closet, featuring fashions that “help you look and feel fantastic without spending a ton of time.”

Celebrity Baby Scoop chatted with Holly about the inspiration behind Lauren’s Closet and her top fashion advice for women. She goes on to discuss the third season of "Motive," why she has become “a cyber stalker” and her love for “the HOLLYdays.” 

Q. What was your inspiration for your new clothing line, Lauren’s Closet? What sets it apart?

“Last spring, I made a movie called 'After the Ball,' which is a Cinderella story set in the world of fashion. Le Chateau, a very popular Canadian retailer, designed the entire wardrobe. At my first fitting, I was instantly amazed by the fit and feel of all of my clothes. As I became more familiar with the brand and couldn’t stop shopping there, I started making jokes to the CEO that they should rename it ‘Lauren’s Closet.’ When we decided to work together, the name seemed obvious.

My line is filled with pieces that are easy to wear, and they help you look and feel fantastic without spending a ton of time. I’m always on the go and don’t have time for clothes that are hard to take care of, don’t work with anything else I have and don’t feel easy to wear. I love that Lauren’s Closet has everything you need from head to toe and from day wear to evening wear — all at an incredible price point. Yes, you can buy that dress I just wore on the red carpet and still pay your bills."

Q. What fashion advice would you give women who are trying to find their own sense of personal style?

“If you don’t feel comfortable in it, then it is not you. If you have to work too hard to put together an outfit, or if you need to ignore how awkward you feel, it is not you.  Your personal style should allow what makes you vibrant shine right through.”

Q. When do you start filming season 3 of "Motive"? How does filming affect your family schedule? What can viewers look forward to in the next season?  

“We have just started filming season 3 of 'Motive.' We are all so excited, because the first scripts seem to be the best ones yet. Good crime stories, but lots of stuff is revealed about each of the characters. Oh, and so many great guest stars! I’m excited about Victor Garber. He has a recurring role with us and I have always loved him. So, now my cross-country commute has started and all of my scheduling problems are in full bloom. If I could teleport, it would be easier!”

Q. What are the boys into now? Are lacrosse and music still at the top of their interest list?

“Lacrosse seems to rule my weekends. Currently field, but box starts soon. I think it might be aging me, because I get so into the games. My one son is a goalie and that stress of being the goalie’s mom is unbelievable! When they put down the sticks, they then pick up their instruments. No ‘official’ boy band yet, but they do jam together a lot – and loudly! At least my neighbors are still my friends.”

Q. You’re on the brink of having three teens in your home. Have you been able to find the right balance between letting them explore their independence and keeping them safe? What’s your approach?

“Oh, gosh, no. Has anybody figured that out? It’s all of the Internet and social media that is making it so hard. I’ve become what I hate the most -- a cyber stalker. I tell them all there is NO privacy. I look in drawers, read texts, know friends, know parents, check postings, etc. If it is not dangerous, I’m OK. If I find something embarrassing ... I’ll TRY not to make fun. So far, so good. We are all still talking at least.”

Q. Do you have any other new projects you’d like to share with us? We hear you have a holiday line coming out.

“I do! The HOLLYdays are my favorite time of year, and I have the last name to prove it! The has all kinds of things for decorating, such as tree skirts, stockings, pillows and, my favorite, the napkin sets. I have a set that is the 12 days of Christmas that I just love. Once again, everything on my site is affordable and will make your home look fab!”

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