Micah Gursoy, 9, of Levittown, is the voice of Sir Garrett in “Nella the Princess Knight,” a new, animated series for preschoolers that premieres at 10 a.m. Feb. 6 on Nickelodeon.

Nella is an 8-year-old who possesses princess-like compassion and grace while also embodying the courage and determination of a brave knight. Sir Garrett is Nella’s next-door neighbor, and he comes from a long line of knights. Other characters include Trinket, Nella’s unicorn, and Clod, Garrett’s trusty steed.

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“He’s one of Nella’s best friends,” Micah says of his character. “He’s daring and likes to go on adventures. And he’s kind and loyal.”

Micah, a home-schooled fourth-grader, says he uses his regular voice in the series, but makes it more excited and animated than usual. “We do one line at a time,” he says of the taping, which is done once every week or two at a studio in New York City. He reads his lines from a script. “I have a voice director,” he says.

Micah’s not the only voice artist in his family — his older brother, Koda, 12, was a voice of the character Boots in “Dora the Explorer.” “His agent asked me if I would like to try doing it,” Micah says. Micah also has a sister, Hadassah, 5.

When he’s not performing, Micah likes to play soccer. His favorite subject in school is science.