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LI women reveal their pregnancy cravings

Long Island women reveal their pregnancy cravings.

Long Island women reveal their pregnancy cravings. Credit: iStock

Cravings. We all have them from time to time, whether it be for something sweet or sour, salty or savory.  And for some women when they're pregnant, those cravings are typically heightened. When I was pregnant with Maggie, I went through all the motions just like every other pregnant woman.

The first trimester I couldn't go through the day without ginger ale and Saltines (on a side note, I hated ginger ale before I was pregnant!). The train ride into work at 7 a.m. was the worst. I felt nauseous all the time and thank goodness never got sick. For some reason, Cheez-It crackers helped me get through it (don't ask me why ... maybe the salt).

During the second trimester, the nausea went away, just like the books and my doctor said it would. As I started eating more foods I turned to cheese. You name it, I ate it. I put cheese on everything and Polly-O string cheese was my go-to snack. I found it so interesting that many foods at this point turned me off. I love a good piece of steak from time to time and at that point it repulsed me. I couldn't even be in the same room if my husband was cooking it. Chinese food, too, couldn't smell it or even say it.

By the third trimester, all I wanted was pizza. I think I ate pizza three or four times a week. And the night before I went into labor, 11 days before my due date, I had a baked ziti slice from our favorite take-out pizza place. We laugh that the sauce started my contractions! We'll see if Maggie loves pizza just as much as I did ... and still do.

I was curious if other woman had similar cravings so I reached out to our Facebook and Twitter fans to find out what they craved during their pregnancies. Here's what they had to say:


McDonald's french fries...yum yum in my preggo tum
-Jennifer Bellise Garcia, via Facebook

Feta cheese and salty peanuts...together...yummy.
-Fatime McKeon, West Babylon

French fries and mayo. Every day.
-Antonella Castaldo, via Facebook

For Anthony I craved just about everything. This time around for number two, I craved pickles in the beginning.
-Maria Comeau, via Facebook

I had the weirdest craving for McDonald's cheeseburgers. I couldn't even pull away from the drive-thru without tearing into the thing! I couldn't get enough. I haven't had them since. Now the idea of McDonald's cheeseburgers kind of makes me sick.
-Katherine Longo Mistero, Oceanside

For me it was French onion soup. I made my family take me all around town just to get some. I also craved celery. I bought it every week and finished it all. Now that my son is here, I haven't had either since!
-Stacey Felsen Feintuch, via Facebook

Kalamata olives, brie cheese (pasteurized!) and root beer.
-Heather Lloyd Guilmette, via Facebook

Spanish olives and chocolate croisssants, not together!
-Sharon Marcus, via Facebook


Chocolate thick shakes...and hot pastrami
-Jennifer Nasello, via Facebook

Carvel ice cream
-Rosemarie Stallone Harsch, via Facebook

Cherry slurpees was what I needed with my very first pregnancy...I couldn't get enough of them.
-Dolores Falco, via Facebook

Coffee ice cream
-Lori Krapf Winthrop Gillam, via Facebook

I ate a box of Twinkies a week.
-Laura Sabbagh, via Facebook

Ralph's Chocolate Italian ices. I couldn't get enough. .
-Pamela Boyce Cunningham, via Facebook

Ice cream!
-Megan Boyd, via Facebook

Strawberry ice cream.
-Mary Salig, Brooklyn

I wanted sushi and cold cuts so badly...but just said no! I indulged with vanilla ice cream and lots of cheese!
-Amy Reynolds, via Facebook


Peanut butter and a spoon. I finished an average of one economy sized tub a week. I also craved sauerkraut...but not with the peanut butter!
-Ashley 'Landman' Smith, via Facebook

Peanut butter...a five pound jar a month. And my now 21-year-old daughter's nickname is peanut!
-Terri Toots Watts, via Facebook

Peanut butter. Can't even smell it now I ate so much of it. A jar a week for 40 weeks to be exact.
-Nancy T. Olecki, via Facebook


Cream cheese!
-@100CalsPerMile, via Twitter

-Jennifer Given Leary, via Facebook


Acids. Could not get enough lemon and vinegar in me.
-SusanandJohn Seavers, via Facebook

1st trimester cravings: grapefruit and sour liquids, 2nd trimester: meat, third trimester: sweet pastries.
-@buongiorno9, via Twitter


Ellio's Pizza
-Susan Wisniewski Quinn, East Williston

Cheese Lasagna
-Christine DeGaeto VanHentenryck, via Facebook

Tomatoes and cheese...all day and all night.
-Heather Campbell-Caltabiano, via Facebook

Black-eyed peas
-Shaliyah Primm, via Facebook

Corn on the cob from City Island in the Bronx. Now my son who is 7 now loves corn on the cob
-Tracy Marie Mieszalo Robles, via Facebook

I craved raw red peppers with onion dip. And pasta.
-Donna Hess, via Facebook


Cinnamon raisin bread...I went through a loaf every day and half. When I found out I was pregnant w/ baby #2 I let my husband know by handing him a bag with a loaf of the bread in there. He knew right away what I was trying to tell him when he saw the bread!
-Denise Daney, via Facebook

Kellogs Raisin Bran. Sometimes twice a day. Ha!
-Kate Benzenberg Connelly, originally from Bellmore


Bananas, and I don't like bananas
-Erin Pedneault-Harford, Facebook

Green apples!
-Kasey Quinn Lian, via Facebook

-Sally Cannon, via Facebook


-Meghan Sherwood Hillen, via Facebook

Root beer -- I refused to go to any restaurant that didn't have any. My poor Mom made sure the restaurant where my surprise baby shower was held had it, because that's the first question I asked if someone wanted to take me out to eat!
-Liza Zbar Watson, via Facebook

Apple juice and Almond Joys with baby number 1. Grapefruit juice and British Kit Kats with number 2!
-Melissa Johnson, via Facebook

I had no cravings with my first pregnancy. I actually developed an aversion to eggs. My second pregnancy was much different. I couldn't get enough cherry coke slurpees! Maybe that's why I got gestational diabetes.
-Yvonne Estile Strube, Carle Place

I know it's weird, but water. I was so thirsty all the time!
-Leslie Kolstein DiChiara, Wantagh


Cream cheese bagel and chocolate milk.
-Terri Nolan Hart, via Facebook

Tuna macaroni salad and raw cookie dough.
-Elizabeth Montano Iannone, via Facebook

Baked clams, corn on the cob and grilled cheese with tomato soup! Yum!
-Barbara Garcia Doktor, via Facebook

Subway ... tuna on wheat with lettuce, tomato and red onion and a splash of sweet onion dressing.
-Patricia Brady Cunningham, via Facebook

Lasagna and Chinese duck
-Sarah I. Peren S., via Facebook

-Melissa Goedtel, via Facebook

Pizza, root beer and hot wings.
-Gaetena Riccio Schultz, via Facebook

With my first all I would eat was Burger King all day and all night. Also mint chocolate chip ice cream with gummy bears in between Burger King meals. My son won't eat any other ice cream except for mint chocolate chip!
-Teresa Gordon, via Facebook

Hard tacos from Taco Bell and pizza. Can't live without mint chocolate chip ice cream.
-Jamie Lynn Lemmo, via Facebook

Boas head hot dog with ketchup and sauerkraut
-Gina Sarro Stefania, via Facebook

Steak, french fries and I hated coffee which I drink on a daily basis and MacDonald's which I rarely eat.
-Meghan Fay Angerhauser, via Facebook

I craved macaroni and cheese and now it's my daughter's favorite food...pretty ironic!
-Megan Williams Reid, South Hempstead

Pasta with salt and peas. And veggie quesadillas with lots of cheese!
-Tricia Hennessey Mashig, originally from Wantagh

With Julia it was Mexican food. With Todd it was burgers!
-Melissa Panzarella Grim, Oceanside

Pizza with Julian (who is now obsessed with pizza) and Red Delicious apples with Olivia.
-Jacklyn Smith Hosty, Oceanside

Grilled cheese sandwiches!
-Jessica DeCicco Stalters, Quogue

Cheese. Grapes. Crackers and Monteray Jack cheese were my favorite daily lunch. That and hot french vanilla chocolate every night!
-Alexandra Moran, East Islip

No cravings. I could not eat eggplant parm., even though I loved it. My daughter hates it! LOL
-Trish Reilly Auerbach, via Facebook

Chicken made me gag!
-Jessica DeCicco Stalters, Quogue

-Crystal Ellen Emmer, via Facebook

What foods did youc crave during your pregnancy? Comment below or follow me on Twitter @JenBergerKids.

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