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Local boys barber it like Justin Bieber

These Long Island kids took Justin Bieber fever

These Long Island kids took Justin Bieber fever to the next level. They actually sport his signature hairdo. (Jan. 25, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Thomas A. Ferrara

Justin Bieber's autobiographical movie "Never Say Never" comes out Feb. 11, and is sure to make the teen pop star more recognizable than ever.

His look - the haircut with the flip across the side of his cheek, the skinny jeans, the baseball cap - is distinctive. Though Bieber recently thinned his bangs for the Golden Globes, he won't easily shake being associated with the 'do.

It's a look lots of tween and teen boys mirror - intentionally or not - resulting in their hearing, "Hey, you look like Justin Bieber!" at school, the mall, even on cruise ships.

Newsday asked readers to send in photos of Long Islanders who have the Bieber look. Here are a few of those boys. Check out the photo gallery for all of the submissions, and send in your own photos.

Hometown: Setauket
Bieber look-alike moment: On a Royal Caribbean cruise to Cozumel and the Cayman Islands over Thanksgiving, Joshua got some strange looks from girls in the elevator. "They think I'm Justin Bieber," Joshua told his parents. "One person took a picture of me. I just kind of ignored it."
What else he shares with the heartthrob: His initials - J.B. And he's the same height - 5 feet, 7 inches

Hometown: Greenvale
How he feels about the similarity: "My teachers call me Justin Bieber, even my closest friends call me Justin Bieber. It's really annoying."
What Noah's mom says: "He hears it every day of his life," Barbara Mirenda says. "Even old people say that to him now - 'You look like that young guy.' "

Hometown: New Hyde Park
Why having the cut is a double-edge sword: On the one hand, lots of boys reject Bieber and his music. But girls love Bieber and, therefore, anyone who looks like him. "It sort of helped me with the girls," Eric says.
When he got the cut: Before Bieber made the style famous. His hairstylist, Gina Cerruti of Reflection Hair Salon in Floral Park, backs him up, saying she's been crafting the 'do for Eric for at least three years. "It's basically just a short, layered cut for the boys, longer in the front," she says.
How Eric gets ready: "In the morning before I go to school, it takes me 10 to 15 minutes to do," Eric says. He washes it, brushes it to the side and blow dries it that way. "Some of my friends, whenever they see me, they mess up my hair. But it goes back the same."

Hometown: Sayville
How long he's had the haircut: Since second grade
Will he ever change it?  "No. I like my hair long."
What mom thinks about the Bieber look? "I definitely think there're similarities between them," Mary Ann Reilly says, "but as a mother, I think my son's cuter."

Hometown: Farmingdale
Why he's a fan: Daniel loves the Bieber look of skinny jeans and plaid shirts. He also likes Bieber's music, with his favorite songs being "Baby," "Eenie Meenie" and "Somebody to Love." "I actually want to be a singer or musician myself," Daniel says.
What mom jokingly calls Daniel: "The Latin Bieber." Janitza Diaz says she thinks Bieber is a great person to be compared to. "He's adorable. He has a beautiful gift." And, if you read the tabloids, she says, Bieber is reportedly dating actress Selena Gomez, another plus. "She's a great role model for kids nowadays, too."

Hometown: Port Jefferson
Is he glad girls think he looks like Bieber? "It's all right, I guess."
Not too much into girls yet? "No."
Why boys reject Justin? "You know why? All the 9-year-old girls love him. The boys are all jealous," says mom, Cindy.

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