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Long Island kids review 'Mirror Mirror'

Actress Lily Collins, who stars as Snow White

Actress Lily Collins, who stars as Snow White in the new movie "Mirror Mirror," is flanked by Kidsday reporters Jack Sullivan, Will Dickerson, Julia Vicinanza and Andrea Pallencia, all from Southold Elementary School in Southold. They are on the observation deck of the Empire State Building in Manhattan. (March 27, 2012) Photo Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We saw the movie "Mirror Mirror" earlier this week and loved it! Snow White's evil stepmother, the Queen, narrates the story of Snow's childhood. The Queen (played by Julia Roberts) explains how she was able to trick the King (Sean Bean) into falling in love with her by giving him a love potion. Unfortunately for the Queen, the potion is not stronger than the King's love for his own daughter. When the King goes off on a trip, he gives Snow White (Lily Collins) a special golden dagger. Sadly, her father disappears and is thought to be dead. Snow White searches for her father, but only finds his horse. From that day, she lives under the Queen's control until her 18th birthday. The Queen does not want to celebrate the day, but Snow White is happily surprised when the kitchen helpers have a party for her. They tell Snow that the King meant for the kingdom to be hers. Snow White decides to be brave, defy her stepmother's orders and return to the kingdom. Snow is shocked to find people sad and starving, instead of dancing and happy as they were when her father ruled.

Snow uses her father's dagger to rescue Prince Alcott (Armie Hammer) after he is attacked by bandits. Later, the Prince attends a ball given by the Queen, but instead of falling for the Queen, he dances with Snow White. The Queen is furious, and orders her servant Brighton (Nathan Lane) to kill Snow White. Brighton turns out to be a good guy, and spares Snow White's life. Left alone in the woods with only her father's dagger, Snow meets up with the "bandits," who turn out to be the seven dwarfs! They take Snow White in and teach her how to defend herself.

The Queen, who is poor after years of spending all the Kingdom's money on herself, decides she must have the Prince to herself and wants more parties. She makes the people of the kingdom pay even more taxes. The Queen consults the "mirror on the wall" to keep her beauty and make the Prince fall for her, but the mirror reminds her there will be a price to pay.

There are many great scenes in this movie, including: the seven dwarfs teaching Snow White how to use swords and outsmart enemies, a scary beast scene and sword fighting between the Prince and Snow White. The Queen tries to keep her beauty with a bird poop facial and many other disgusting spa treatments. The effects that they used to show the Queen's mirror world are so realistic. The battles with the beast in the woods are so exciting you hold your breath.

This movie is great. There are so many funny scenes and jokes for people of all ages. Kids and adults who know the traditional story will be surprised by the big twist and surprises at the end. We rate this 4.5 (out of 5).


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